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Tuesdays: Creating Useful Art Objects: A Sculpting Series Online [Ages 9-14]

01/12/2021 06:30 PM - 03/16/2021 07:30 PM ET


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Perfect for those who love to sculpt and create three-dimensional work (click title for more info)

Teaching Artist: Jessica Schadt
Ages 9-14: Tuesday, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm: 10 sessions
January 12 - March 16
$140 Members* | $155 Non-members
*Household member or higher
Art Kit 2 Fees: $40 . Due before first day of class and available for pick-up the week before classes start. Purchase here:


Creating Useful Art Objects: A Sculpting Series is an online class.  This class will provide children a studio experience from their own home. All lessons will be led by our Teaching Artist Jessica Schadt and allow your child to socialize with other students in the class. You must have internet on a device with a built in camera to participate. Class projects will include a mix of different sculpted polymer clay items: miniatures/charms, ornament, bowl (or tray), magnet, a covered ballpoint pen, etc. Every object we create has a purpose. (It's not just sculpture for show, we create things that we can use!). Perfect for the student who loves to sculpt and create three-dimensional work.

Art Kit 2 Fees: $40 per attendee. Due before the first day of class. Purchase here:

About the Teaching Artist
Jessica Schadt is a lifelong artist, athlete & fitness enthusiast. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art, Temple University and works primarily in photo/video arts, digital art & design, as well as in flow & circus arts such as hoop dance. Jessie has several hoop dance videos featured on, and a background working at various companies doing all things creative; from copywriting to digital editing & archiving to hoop dance and beyond!


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