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Filmmaking Camp [Ages 8+]
07/25/2022 09:00 AM - 07/29/2022 05:00 PM ET




West Windsor Arts Center
952 Alexander Road
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
United States of America


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Learn to write, act, and make our own short films with this hands-on filmmaking experience with Mr. Coppola!
Maximum attendees: 16
Weekdays, July 25 - 29 | 9 am - 5 pm

$505 Household Member and higher| $560 Non-member

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1. CAMP REFUND POLICY: (Policy subject to change without advance notice)

Cancellations arising due to an Act of God will be credited to a similar future event. 

Camp fees may be refunded, as noted below, less the non-refundable registration fee of $100 per two week camp and $50 per one week camp. Written notification must be sent to Kirsten Sanford, Education Manager at Kirsten@westwindsorarts.org:

Full Refund: Camp fees are fully refundable (less the non-refundable registration fee) with written notification received by Friday, April 29, 2022.

Partial Refund: 75% of camp fees (less nonrefundable registration fee) will be refunded with written notification received April 30 -June 13, 2022

No Refund: issued if a child is sent home from camp due to behavioral issues or if a camper decides not to attend the program or leaves early for any reason.

Refunds requested after June 13, 2022 OR if the camp is not a good fit for your child:

The WWAC will offer a partial credit, (less nonrefundable registration fee) to be used for an alternate camp.  Credits can be used towards camp registrations until September 2, 2022. Parents are encouraged to work with Kirsten Sanford, Education Manager. 

Medical Refund: A camper is eligible for a full refund (less non-refundable registration fee) if he/she is unable to attend camp due to medical reasons. A note from the physician must accompany the written request. If the camper attends any portion of the camp, the amount of the refund for the remaining days will be calculated based on camp fee paid minus prorated for days attended and the non-refundable $100 registration fee.


2. Nature Walk:  I understand that as part of the camp curriculum that my child will participate in nature walks within walking distance [no more than 1/4 mile] of the West Windsor Arts Center, and that these walks will be supervised at all times by an adult.


3. In Case of Emergency: I understand that every effort will be made by the West Windsor Arts Council to contact the parents, guardian[s] and emergency contacts listed on this form.  However, in the event that time does not allow such contact or I cannot be reached, I give permission to the West Windsor Arts Council to secure and authorize necessary treatment that may include hospitalization, anesthesia or surgery for my child.  I also understand that I am fully responsible for all expenses incurred for medical care and transportation on behalf of my child.  I hereby release the West Windsor Arts Council and the staff from all responsibilities for illness or injuries occurring as a result of, or coincidentally, to my child's participation in this program.


4. CODE OF CONDUCT:  The West Windsor Arts Council will strive to create a warm, inviting, safe and fun environment for your child.   Behavior that represents physical danger to the child or others, or behavior that interferes with other campers and staff is considered ‘disruptive behavior’. Disruptive behavior that is unacceptable includes, but is not limited to:  

a. Persistent refusal to abide by health and safety protocol measures set up by WWAC during camp

b. Abusive and or bullying behavior towards other children; bothering other children repeatedly. c. Continued or frequent behavior that hinders activities may include: pushing, hitting, fighting, biting, throwing objects, prolonged crying or temper tantrums, dangerous use of toys and objects,dangerous and/or behavior deemed risky and any erratic behavior that hinders camp program.

West Windsor Arts Council reserves the right to determine how to address a situation involving a disruptive camper. Depending upon the severity of the situation, consequences of disruptive behavior could include, but not be limited to, a discussion with the camper and/or parent regarding the disruptive conduct; a warning to cease the disruptive behavior; moving the camper to an alternative class group; exclusion from a camp activity and/or dismissal from the camp.



The West Windsor Arts Council (WWAC) has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 and its variants. However, WWAC cannot guarantee that you, or your child participating in summer camp, will not become exposed to or infected with the novel coronavirus/Covid-19 or its variants as a result of participating in a WWAC program. Participation in a WWAC program may increase the risk of contracting novel coronavirus/COVID-19. You, for yourself or your child, have independently evaluated the risks of being exposed to or infected with novel coronavirus/COVID-19 and its variants and have decided to participate in a WWAC program, with full knowledge and acceptance of the risk.

You attest the following for yourself or for your child:

  • You and your child are not exhibiting signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as a fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell;

  • In the last 14 days, you or your child has not had contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or its variants, or who is under investigation for COVID-19 or its variants, or is ill with respiratory illness;

  • In the last 14 days, you or your child has not traveled internationally to a country with sustained community transmission. (For updated information on affected countries visit: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019- ncov/travelers/index.html); and

  • In the last 14 days, you or your child has not resided in or traveled to a community in which a high rate of community-based spread of COVID-19 and its variants is occurring.

You, for yourself or for your child, assume full responsibility and liability for the risk of bodily injury, illness, permanent disability and/or death that may result from exposure to or infection with novel coronavirus/COVID-19 and its variants before, during or after participating in a WWAC program.

You, for myself, my heirs, legal representatives and assigns, waive, release and discharge WWAC, and its officials, employees, volunteers, attorneys and agents, from any and all liability for any and all claims, losses or damages result directly or indirectly from exposure to or infection with novel coronavirus/COVID-19 and its variants before, during or after participating in a WWAC program.

6) PHOTO RELEASE: You are giving the West Windsor Arts Council, its representatives and staff, permission to take photographs of your child when a camp is in session. Photographs may be used for educational or marketing purposes, in print or electronically. Call 609.716.1931 for more information.

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