Gray Basket by Linda Tartaglia, Recycled T-Shirt A

Type: Home Decor: Candles, Stained glass, Chairs, Whimsi
Price: $34.00


Gray Basket by Linda Tartaglia, Recycled T-Shirt Art
Dark gray, light gray, and white basket for Small items, Remotes, Keys etc
T-Shirt Fabric (cotton)
9w x 4.5h x 9d
The yarn I use comes from recycled T-shirts. The bottom of the T-shirt is cut in a particular fashion that allows it to be one continuous string of yarn. The thickness of the yarn depends on how wide you cut the T-Shirt fabric.

I have enjoyed crocheting since I was a young girl. My mom would take me to visit her aunt who always had a crochet needle in her hand and her creation on her lap. So learning the skill was inevitable. As an adult there are only so many scarves and blankets you can crochet. So I searched for another form and included my other passion, recycled art! From old T-Shirts I make baskets, wine bags and small rugs or wall hangings.
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