Birch Trees With Cherry Blossoms by Marzena Haupa

Type: 2022 By the Light of Day Plein Air Show
Price: $2,600.00


Birch Trees With Cherry Blossoms by Marzena Haupa

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 50 x 36 inches

Description: The painting shows birch trees and blooming forsythia bushes with cherry blossoms. It represents my backyard in the spring.
Location:The birch trees were painted in the early spring in my backyard.
Year created: 2022

Artist Statement: Inspiration for this painting I found in my backyard. It looked amazing in the early spring when my forsythia flowers bloomed, fencing off the yard like a wall of fire. The bushes add dramatic flair to the yard. I painted my birch trees against a wintery looking sky which represents still, dormant nature. The cherry blossom brings more drama to the composition and stands for the blooming cherry trees.

Bio: My name is Marzena Haupa. I live in Princeton NJ and I'm a member of The West Windsor Arts where I exhibited some of my artworks. I am a contemporary artist, working with a few different mediums to create my art, including acrylic, sprays, oil pastels, and occasionally digital images on canvas. Painting is my passion that I discovered during the time of the pandemic. Through painting, I found inner peace and equilibrium. I love nature and people so this is what I paint. I love painting portraits. Through the means of contemporary art, I can capture the beauty I find around me and share it with others. The style I use, a combination of abstract art and figurative painting, allows me to capture the emotions, character, mood, and beauty in nature and people. Vibrant colors, shapes, lines, and patterns give me the emotional freedom of interpretation to create a specific atmosphere for each painting.  

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