Big Possibilities by Mark Oldland

Type: 2022 By the Light of Day Plein Air Show
Price: $750.00


Big Possibilities by Mark Oldland

Medium: oil on board
Dimensions: 20 x 16 inches

Description: As an autistic individual when painting I intend to provide a positive social commentary for autistic individuals and promote inclusion for anyone who may be perceived as being different.
Location: Big Possibilities - Long Beach Island, Summer 
Year created: 2021

Artist Statement: In general as an autistic adult my paintings and drawings are an illustration of my social range. When I work in and around social norms I see and create more representational paintings and drawings (typically in plein air style) , with elements of how I prefer to see and interpret the world still being evident. On this side of the spectrum my artwork contains the natural tension I feel when trying to “fit in” with what is expected of me. Balance - created at Scudders Falls NJ. This location is perhaps one of my favorites. It’s where I go to find my mental health Balance.

Big Possibilities - Painted at Long Beach Island, NJ considering the overwhelmingly large possibilities that we are capable of when we stop to observe our surroundings.

Bio: Mark Oldland is an autistic adult who resides in Hillsborough, NJ with his wife and son, who also has autism spectrum disorder. As an artist, he strives to positively promote the abilities of autistic individuals by providing a window into their uniquely shared father/son perspective of the world. In doing so, his artwork is meant to encourage inclusion and educate the public about living life as an autistic person. Mark began his art education at the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design in Lancaster, PA. Following two years of Fine Art Studies, he transferred to Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD, where he completed his undergraduate studies with a degree in General Fine Art in the Spring of 2000. Mark’s early works were heavily influenced by his fascination and interaction with moving water. As a result, his art career took a non-traditional turn when he enlisted in the United States Coast Guard in order to further his understanding of moving water. His service time included patrols on the Bering Sea and South Pacific while he continued to paint and draw the impacts of the environment he was observing. His experiences in the Coast Guard then unexpectedly led him to pursue a career with the Environmental Protection Agency in Emergency Response. This atypical path has pushed his artwork outward from his early comfort zone of analytical abstraction to explore his relationship with the representational world which, as an autistic individual, Mark finds abstract. This newfound range from one extreme to the other is the basis for his current art exploration, wherein he creates artwork to illustrate his “Spectrum” to the world. Through this work, he hopes to enlighten the public about the many abilities autistic people have to offer.


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