Mask of Colors by Ethel Mack

Type: Trenton Community A*TEAM
Price: $100.00


Mask of Colors by Ethel Mack

Media: mixed
Dimensions: 15 x 12 inches

Statement by Artist: "Art is like a puzzle waiting to be put together, while its colors are being invited into your thoughts and your heart. It's here to showcase the structure of the finished portrait, while mesmerizing the eye of the beholder. Art speaks to you quietly while hanging there on the wall radiating all of its colors and its textures as its beauty says something to your soul. Boggling, but to the mind, fascinating. Art has so many voices because there are so many artists touching so many people's lives. Art is always waiting to show off its beauty and the concepts of what pencil is to paper as paint is to canvas. Artists of tomorrow: be someone, love what you are and always escape somewhere.”

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