Twin Kasumi Pearl&silver by Merry Madover

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Twin Kasumi Pearl&silver by Merry Madover
Merry Madover Handcrafted Jewelry

Twin Kasumi pearl and silver

Materials used: 


Artist Statement: My silver earrings and pendants are hand crafted one of a kind pieces created from fine silver or sterling silver Precious Metal Clay.  I love pairing the silver pieces with the beauty of raw or polished gems, carved stones or baroque Kasumi pearls.  Each finished piece is unique in its texture and patina, and quite wearable.

My motivation comes from seeing my pieces worn and enjoyed. I also am motivated when I find some vintage items that I can incorporate into my work in a new way.  I use Precious Metal Clay (PMC) in many of my pieces. It is a material that suspends metal particles such as silver in a non-toxic binder. This binder material was invented years ago in Japan and is a secret recipe containing products you would find in a kitchen cabinet. The PMC I use creates non toxic fumes when burned off in a kiln.

I often use repurposed pieces from vintage and/or broken pieces. These may include vintage beads, gemstone carvings, hand-dyed silk strings, and old and interesting metal fragments. I enjoy the “hunt” for these things and the imagination and artistry it takes to re-use them. All of my metal scraps are labeled, weighed and sent off for recycling.

Bio: I began working with precious metal clay (PMC) about 30 years ago, during the early days of its introduction to the U.S. from Japan.  My creative options expanded when PMC became available in sterling, gold, copper and bronze.  After I retired as a learning disabilities consultant I was able to devote more time to my craft.  I have lived in West Windsor for more than 30 years and have enjoyed participating in the sales and markets offered by the wonderful West Windsor Arts Council.


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