Guitar String Earrings BLING by Leslie Schott

Type: Jewelry
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Guitar String Earrings BLING by Leslie Schott
Working Cord Studio

Do you have an “ear” for music? Then show off your love of music on your ears with a pair of guitar string earrings! Every pair is as unique as your musical taste. These earrings are tightly wound guitar strings with a copper colored sparkle bead, banana Bakelite, opaque white glass bead, Austrian crystal, and a copper glass bead threaded through and secured with bronze wire. It’s an excellent gift idea for the musician, music lover, or music teacher on your shopping list and should be a “big hit!”

Materials used:  upcycled guitar strings, sparkle bead, Bakelite, opaque glass bead, Austrian crystal, copper glass bead, bronze wire

Dimensions: 1 1/2” diameter

Artist Statement: As a break from doing a lot of work on a computer, I started doing macrame and designing jewelry to counterbalance technology with hand-crafts. I love losing track of time concentrating on what I’m doing and getting lost in it.

My greatest influence is things from the past (colors, trends, packaging.) I upcycle materials for my jewelry using old discarded guitar strings and beads from broken vintage jewlery usually found at auctions or estate sales. I buy my macrame cord new but include driftwood, drum sticks, croquet mallets, and copper tubes in my pieces. I also make a variety of smaller items  (like key fobs and ornaments) from the scraps.

Bio: I have been a full-time employed graphic designer for over 20 years. Most of those years has been spent designing CDs and LPs for musicians and DVDs for filmmakers.


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