​​​​​​​It’s All Connected #1 by Sumi

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $250.00


It’s All Connected #1 by Sumi

pen and ink on paper

4 x 4 inches

Artist Statement: This one is part of my Series that I am still working on. I haven't names it yet but the thought that I had in my mind while creating this is to connect art and math together to explain the beauty of everything around us. We are all connected, this whole world is connected is some way or the other. Everything around us is always in motion, nothing ever stops be it the Earth spinning around the sun, the moon spinning around the earth, wind, rivers, people, plants. The loop of infinity keeps everything in moving. There is no start or end to anything. This is one reason why I wanted to create something that didn't specifically have to have a start or end to it. You can see it from any direction, it will yet make sense

Bio: Travelling the world, finding beauty in details and expressing the beauty through various medium are my most favourite things to do. Growing up in an Indian culture rich in heritage and art combined with a heavy influence of math has helped me create my own style of Art.

I Started my Journey of being and Artist as a Career with drawing portraits for friends as commission and then slowly moved on to creating my own collection and presenting it in shows Nationally and Internationally. I can proudly say the my commissioned works have reached worldwide in countries like India, Norway, Denmark and USA. I recently had an artwork selected for a show in London, UK and many states in the USA

I am currently affiliated with Montgomery Art Council,NJ. I also have been selected in juried events in NJ like West Windsor Art Council, Belmar Art Council, Princeton Art Council, Medford Art Council.

My journey of creating continues to make me more grateful and humble with every Place I visit, every Achievement I get and every compliment I Receive


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