When the Heart Meets the Soul 3 by Rupa Sanbui

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $125.00


When the Heart Meets the Soul 3 by Rupa Sanbui

oil paint

11 x 14 inches

Artist Statement: When the heart meets the soul was painted to celebrate summer and the beauty of nature .

Bio: Nature and family has always influenced my art and my heart. Renowned artist, Vincent Van Gogh was able to bring aspects of nature to life in his paintings. My utmost desire is to make people understand nature in different forms and bring people together. Spending time in nature gives me a sense of awe, the feeling that the world is so much bigger than we can possibly comprehend. Art reflects nature which is the most beautiful thing we have, because it is from the creator. All three of my exhibited paintings are of flowers. I love flowers. Growing up, floral patterns were everywhere; on walls, floors, dresses, not just on garden and flower vases on tables. These paintings give me an opportunity to revisit and reflect upon my past and connect with my present. It's personal, generating memories of my growing up. It gave me an opportunity to explore in a childlike way.


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