Climate Change Landscape by Susan Hockaday

Type: Art & Sculpture
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Climate Change Landscape by Susan Hockaday

Artists for Ukraine:  Artist’s percentage of sale going to the Ukraine Fundraising Project: 100%

digital chromira print
26 x 20 inches

Artist Statement: The landscape is presented in layers that tell different stories, and conflict with each other. Material gathered on the beach, in all its beauty, partly conceals another layer of plastic trash. In its way this one is beautiful, but deadly for the environment.

Bio: My childhood, spent in the countryside in a family of artists, designers and architects affected my ideas from the very beginning.I have always looked at nature with designing eyes. Throughout my career I have used art as a tool for examining the patterns and processes of the natural world. I have worked in the mediums of etching, handmade paper, wood construction and collage. I shifted to photography in the 1990's. For the last 20 years Climate Change has become part of my artwork and plastic trash is my symbol of the struggle. My recent work combines elements of trash with samples of nature to tell the stories of this disaster. I take digital photographs of the material arranged on a table, and print the resulting Digital Chromira prints in a studio in New York.

After graduating from Vassar College I continued my studies at Pratt Graphics Center in New York, Princeton University, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

I have lived and worked in Holland, and Cambridge, England, and traveled in China, Asia, and Europe.

I have been exhibiting since 1970. Our family lives in Nova Scotia in the summer, where I have done much of my artwork over the last 50 years.

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