From the Night Garden by Madelaine Shellaby

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From the Night Garden by Madelaine Shellaby

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digital collage. Conceived on February 25th, 2022. inspired by Ukraine's mighty flag and its mightier people.
22 x 26 inches

Artist Statement: Shellaby integrates into a single image her drawings, scans of botanical material, her photographs and found photographs. In From the NIght Garden she has included a passage of "textile" which she created digitally.

Bio: Madelaine Shellaby works across disciplines in multiple ways to create works that explore ideas from her travels, her work in museums, and her academic studies. Through the Dodge Foundation and a variety of other granting sources she has held residencies in France, California, New York and Virginia. She digitally collages botanical photographs with drawings and paintings, her own ceramic work and scans of objects, as shown in artworks from the VANITAS series. She continues to build her actual museum ( The Archive of Stone Stories ) that similarly integrates found objects with her drawings, photographs and ceramic sculpture. Her recent work extends the museum into the fictional figure who collects art about birds, wings and other things. The work is installed as a visual novel, with artifacts revealing stories about the man’s life and his collection.


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