Close Encounter by Em Dabbs

Type: 2023 GR8 Works
Price: $88.00


Close Encounter by Em Dabbs

picnic cloth, cardboard, oil paint, acrylic paint, adhesive

Artist Statement: This work is a lighthearted exploration of materials and relationships between living and nonliving beings; how a slug and a snail’s shell can be rendered immaculate through observation and imagination. The piece is meant to have a foot in both worlds— one in the immediacy of recognizable human materials, (plastic picnic cloth and corrugated cardboard), and one in the unfathomable depths of the mysteries of nature.  The playful nature of the substrates contrasts with the richness of the oil paints, separating the glowing subjects from the “human world” materials, but ultimately still bonding them together physically.  

The sale price will be split with 50% going to the artist and 50% going to West Windsor Arts

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