Heart of Gold by Jayme Fahrer

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Heart of Gold by Jayme Fahrer

Medium: acrylic, wall and spray paints, insulation foam, clothing zipper and resin. one 4 leaf clover too.
24 inch diameter inches

Artist Statement: This is one of the first pieces I have created that provides positivity about a part of myself that I am proud of and love. As I live, and learn - I have noticed I am a very giving person. I am thoughtful and like to give, to make others feel better - in any way. So much so, that I need to sometimes step back and notice if I am giving "too much". This painting, this piece, expresses how I try to hold my Heart of Gold back, but it just simply bursts through.

Bio: I am an abstract artist. I have grown from a pure-pour painter, to using many different elements to help express myself. I create to speak. I create to share. I create to evoke emotion and for the enjoyment for myself, and others. I believe I share my purest self while creating and sharing my art. I openly share about my mental and physical illnesses that do give me a lot of inspiration while I create. #youarenotalone


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