Organic Emotions by Rooma Sehar

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Organic Emotions by Rooma Sehar

Medium: acrylic
36 x 48 inches

Artist Statement: The artwork "Organic Emotions" is a vibrant and free-flowing abstract painting that captures the mood and emotions during my process. Created with acrylic paint, palette knives, brushes, and sponges, the artwork was completed in two days and features four distinct colors on a large canvas. My approach to the painting was organic, allowing their thoughts and emotions to guide the creative process. Through this abstract expression, the artwork invites the viewer to explore their own emotions and to embrace the beauty and freedom of self-expression.

Bio: I'm Rooma Sehar and I'm an abstract artist and live in Robbinsville, NJ. I began my art journey in 2018 and since then I have exhibited my work in 12 exhibitions, showcasing my ability to capture the beauty of everyday objects and places in a unique and meaningful way. My work explores the relationship between color and shapes, with color being a tool to speak to the world. My painting gives voice to my emotions, helping me overcome fear and express my wildest wishes and aspirations. I'm not afraid to experiment with different techniques and mediums.

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