Universe in a Box by Alok Sharma

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Universe in a Box by Alok Sharma

Medium: acrylic on canvas
36 x 24 inches

Artist Statement: This painting is an artistic impression of our Universe in its entirety, as seen by various advanced telescopes scanning all frequencies of light, including light that started traveling billions of years in the past. In one snapshot it captures the past of our universe as far back as 13.8 billion years ago as seen by various microwave telescopes as well as the future of our planet and solar system when billions of years from now our start Sun will turn into a Red Giant similar to those that we can see though near-IR wavelength telescopes. Visible in the painting are the artist’s interpretation of galactic super clusters and dark matter filaments, some of which are billions of light-years across. The galaxies themselves, even though they contain hundreds of billions of stars, would be smaller than a single dot in this painting in this scale.

Bio: Alok’s works are guided by his view that a painting, inside the boundaries of the canvas, is a world in itself, creates its own reality and creates it own rules inside the frame. The reality inside the frame is self-consistent, this is what defines creative imagination. Alok Sharma has worked in Wall Street careers for the past two decades as a bond trader, portfolio manager and risk manager. Alok Sharma is a West Windsor resident.

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