Bucks Mill Water Mill by Ann Marie Fitzsimmons

Type: 2023 Ode to NJ
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Bucks Mill Water Mill by Ann Marie Fitzsimmons
acrylic on board, 3 x 5 inches
Artist Statement: My painting of the Bucks Mill Water Mill, located in Colts Neck Township, depicts the only remaining artifact of a gristmill that was built in 1854 by William Buck, Alfred Buck and Garret Buck. It stands on the side of Bucks Mill Road with trees and shrubbery growing in and around it. The rest of the gristmill was destroyed by a fire on October 30, 1967.
Jersey Inspiration: Bucks Mill Road, Colts Neck Township, NJ
“My paintings often represent ordinary objects found in not-so-ordinary places. “

BA, cum laude, Studio Art, Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ. 1981
Resident Artist, Instructor & Chairperson, Around the Corner Art Center, Freehold, NJ. 1996-present
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