Back Bayview by Beth Malonoski

Type: 2023 Ode to NJ
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Back Bayview by Beth Malonoski
digital photograph, 18 x 24 inches
Artist Statement: I like to find the familiar spots, the local niches in our favorite places, away from more commercial draws of vacationland. Having spent my childhood summers on the beach, I love when something in the now sparks a strong feeling of nostalgia.
Jersey Inspiration: I loved finding this little spot on the edge of Barnegat Bay. A community pile. A common agreement. And that evening sun is everything.
Bio: With formal art training and a young working background in a more corporate setting, I have been able to blend these two disciplines into a fulfilling career as a portrait photographer. Outside of work, my artistic passion take a departure from the portrait and leans more towards the environments we seek out, whether new or nostalgic. We stick to the coast and edges of waterways for our explorations.
@bcmalonoski (Instagram)
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