Waterfront by Beth Malonoski

Type: 2023 Ode to NJ
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Waterfront by Beth Malonoski
film photography, canon ae1 35mm, 14 x 18 inches
Artist Statement: I like to find the familiar spots, the local niches in our favorite places, away from more commercial draws of vacationland. Having spent my childhood summers on the beach, I love when sometime in the now sparks a strong feeling of nostalgia.
Jersey Inspiration: On the inlet beach in North Wildwood with my daughter I turned to see this row of homes sitting there, looking so much like those that lined the shores in the 1980s. The film capture with its innate grain and subtle tones amplifies the nostalgic feeling even more. In fact, I think there is a 4x4 rounded corner print in a box somewhere in our home, taken on a different barrier island, that probably looks quite similar.
Bio: With formal art training and a young working background in a more corporate setting, I have been able to blend these two disciplines into a fulfilling career as a portrait photographer. Outside of work, my artistic passion takes a departure from the portrait and leans more towards the environments we seek out, whether new or nostalgic. We stick to the coast and edges of waterways for our explorations.
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