Sunrise 122 by Beth Malonoski

Type: 2023 Ode to NJ
Price: $225.00


Sunrise 122 by Beth Malonoski
digital photograph, 14 x 18 inches
Artist Statement: I like to find the familiar spots, the local niches in our favorite places, away from more commercial draws of vacationland. Having spent my childhood summers on the beach, I love when sometime in the now sparks a strong feeling of nostalgia.
Jersey Inspiration: I like the beach at dawn. There may be two or three other people walking or waiting for the sunrise, but no spreading campsites with umbrellas and wagons and blankets and tents. Just the rosy sky, the waves, and the early plovers running from the water's edge.
Bio: With formal art training and a young working background in a more corporate setting, I have been able to blend these two disciplines into a fulfilling career as a portrait photographer. Outside of work, my artistic passion takes a departure from the portrait and leans more towards the environments we seek out, whether new or nostalgic. We stick to the coast and edges of waterways for our explorations.
@bcmalonoski (Instagram)
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