New Jersey - County Map No. 16 by John S. Rounds

Type: 2023 Ode to NJ
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New Jersey - County Map No. 16 by John S. Rounds
recycled license plates, 10 x 18 inches
Artist Statement: In my series of "County" maps of New Jersey, where I show each of our 21 counties cut out to scale, I wanted to create a smaller (and more affordable) map. By scaling this map down, I can use the scrap and off-cuts from the NJ license plates and keep the cost down. Notice the variety of color in the old, straw-colored plates. When combined with the old blue plates, and the holographic, embossed plates that followed the 'blues', the counties really stand out from each other. I included the iconic Barnegat Light on this one.
Jersey Inspiration: Once again, I wanted to represent my pride in New Jersey. In addition, you may have divined that I am notably interested in the concept of the 'county' as a geographic, societal, and governmental unit. There are about 3,170 in the United States (in Louisiana, they call it a 'parish'), and I love all 21 of ours, each with its own unique contribution to New Jersey's history & character. Pay attention, there might be a quiz at the end of the show
Bio: I am a retired carpenter and in 2017, I started up MERCER ART, LLC with a view toward selling some of my artwork. I use a variety of reclaimed materials in my pieces, including license plates, old wood, vintage postcards and some of my photographs. I have always felt that maps (along with money, coins & flags) are interesting and often under-appreciated forms of art. I've won several county and state awards and I'm honored that the WWAC elected to use an image of one of my license plate maps to represent this "Ode To New Jersey" exhibit.
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