Vase Green by Francine Kay

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Vase Green by Francine Kay



This potbellied vase features various shades of green acrylic paint, from the darkest emerald to a barely-there mint. The paints were layered in a cup, the vase was turned upside down, and the paint poured in a circular fashion over the base. The resultant swirls and agate-like rings were formed as the paint flowed down the surface of the vase.

Materials Used: Fluid acrylics, glass vase, resin coating

3.5w x 5.38h x 4.88d inches


Artist Statement: Though I have been drawing and painting all my life, I have only recently decided to pursue art after decades in the sciences. Art, to me, has always been therapeutic. Drawing and painting is what I turned to when I needed to relieve stress, or when I needed to work on a problem without actively thinking about it. I have always felt that my creative side worked hand-in-hand with my analytical side, and I discovered this to be especially true as an emerging fluid artist. As a fluid artist, I deal mostly with acrylics but I am starting to expand into alcohol inks and other fluid media. My background in chemistry has given me insight into fluid dynamics, especially when evaluating the physical properties of the media I'm using, such as the roles density and surface tension plays in different fluids. Approaching and using technical or scientific concepts through a different lens--as an artist, as opposed to a chemist or pharmaceutical scientist--has broadened my understanding of fluids in a completely novel way. Needless to say, this has been an eye opening journey and I look forward to delving further into this exciting art form.

As a fluid artist, I take inspiration from things around me, whether it is nature, my dogs, food, a book, or even something I saw on the street or someone's doorway. Fluid art is a predominantly abstract art form, so much of what is produced by artists is often left to the eye of the beholder. However, I like to try and take an image I have in my mind and use the different fluid art techniques to see if I can achieve a novel way of representing that image. For example, if I was thinking of the cranberry bogs in southern NJ, I may try a swipe technique--a method of swiping or overlaying a different colored paint mixed with a cell activator over one or more colored paints--to see if I could create a picture reminiscent of cranberries, without actually painting the cranberries themselves. One of the things I enjoy about fluid art is the almost limitless items you can use to manipulate how a fluid--the paint, for example--moves and flows. The different techniques, coupled with various tools, different consistencies of fluidized paints, various pouring mediums, the application of heat or other fluids such as soap or alcohol, all these can and will have an impact on the final product. Figuring out what will and won't work is half the fun and is part of the learning process.

Bio: I am a chemist by education, and a pharmaceutical scientist and medical writer by profession. For nearly thirty years, I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a drug development scientist before switching from research to clinical studies and medical writing. I have worked in both the over-the-counter and ethical pharmaceuticals spaces, with a focus on the women's health and oncology therapeutic areas.



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