strawberry by Grant Taylor

Type: Jewelry
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strawberry by Grant Taylor



Necklace braided with red silk cord and beads of pink/orange shades.

Materials Used: Silk cord and beads

17 inches


Artist Statement: Wood grains and wood colors are just beautiful on their own. I have tinkered with cutting and sanding small pieces of found wood, using a scroll saw and loads of sandpaper, creating earrings and necklaces. I also work with colorful beads and I braid silk cord to create simple necklaces. Working with my hands is peaceful and meditative resulting in something I can wear or share. My jewelry is imperfectly made, the earrings never precisely mirroring each other reminding me of the organic nature of the material I am working with...unfettered.

I use only found, pre-cut or fallen branches, to produce my wood earrings. The designs are inspired by the wood pieces and grains. I am consistently surprised by the beauty of the wood with each step of finer sanding. The beads of the necklaces are added as I braid the silk cord for strength and fine detail...a practice that is calming and enjoyable. I love choosing combinations of colorful and beautiful beads I've collected over the years creating necklaces to spruce up everyday outfits.

Bio: My husband and I moved from northern California to New Jersey at the end of 2022 after sending our youngest daughter off to college. We craved a change of scenery and wanted to try something new and different. I brought with me my scroll saw, sandpaper, a few branches of olive, walnut and manzanita trees, my collection of beads and hand tools. And now, I'm finding beautiful oak, hickory, maple and cherry branches while enjoying discovering wonderful central New Jersey. I learn by doing using the tools I own and working on pieces that inspire me at each moment.



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