Carved Bowl by Bob Deane

Type: Ceramics and Pottery
Price: $120.00


Carved Bowl by Bob Deane

Bob Deane Pottery


Materials Used: local hand harvested clay

4x10x7 inches


Artist Statement: I sell functional stoneware ceramics made with local hand dug clay and unique sculptural items. I have been doing pottery for 30+ years with an emphasis on simple ergonomic forms and a rich, highly varied pallet of glazes.

From my earliest creative memory as a child in the early seventies, I felt compelled to explore the hidden patterns I sensed in the world around me. The desire to make representative images was always secondary. Now, as then, I am not trying to create an image in my mind, but rather to trap the pattern of life that seems hidden but constant. I am following a progression of ideas from earlier works and thoughts to a point where they can coalesce in an intuitive sense of rightness. A few years ago, when I became aware of fractals and their beautiful non-repeating patterns, I thought to myself, “There it is. That is what I have been looking for.”

Bio: I graduated from Bloomsburg University in 1988 with a BFA. I became a Potter’s Guild member in 1990 at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, Pa. I have been a full time potter since 2000, teaching ceramics and selling work all over the tristate area. I have a special interest in harvesting local clay for use in my stoneware clay. I have spend countless hour experimenting and perfecting glazes.



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