Harvest Moon by Francine Roche Kay

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $120.00


Harvest Moon by Francine Roche Kay


acrylic paint

16 x 16 inches


Artist Statement: The harvest moon--the full moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox--has always been intriguing, as it appears large and low in the sky. Sometimes, the moon, hanging low in the sky, appears deep yellow or orange or even a vibrant red. This happens because particles in the atmosphere tend to scatter the moonlight's bluish components more than its reddish ones. Because of this, the moon appears redder the more atmosphere it passes through. Its color is most dramatic on hazy nights, when the clouds are dense and swirling. This is my vision of clouds swirling around a red Harvest Moon, taking on the different colors of the particles emitted around the moon.

Bio: Though I have been drawing and painting all my life, I have only recently decided to pursue art after decades in the sciences. Art, to me, has always been therapeutic. Drawing and painting is what I turned to when I needed to relieve stress, or when I needed to work on a problem without actively thinking about it. I have always felt that my creative side worked hand-in-hand with my analytical side, and I discovered this to be especially true as an emerging fluid artist.


As a fluid artist, I deal mostly with acrylics but I am starting to expand into alcohol inks and other fluid media. My background in chemistry has given me insight into fluid dynamics, along with other concepts such as the roles density and surface tension plays in different fluids. Approaching and using technical scientific concepts through a different lens--as an artist, as opposed to a pharmaceutical scientist--has broadened my understanding of fluids in a completely novel way. Needless to say, this has been an eye opening journey and I look forward to delving further into this exciting art form.



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