Mystical Hue Fusion by Rooma Sehar

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $165.00


Mystical Hue Fusion by Rooma Sehar


acrylic on canvas

18 x 24 inches


Artist Statement: I used vibrant hues, with multiple layers of paint and thinned the paint with water to get the right textures and depth.The process involved using masking tape for those neat and precise lines. In the center, I used wet on wet technique and blended with palette knife to create fascinating effects. 

Bio: I am Rooma Sehar, a self-taught abstract artist from Robbinsville, New Jersey. I began my artistic journey in 2018 and have spent a significant amount of time honing my craft. Alongside my passion for art, my hobbies include reading books, listening to music, cooking, and traveling. I've had the privilege of showcasing my work in 14 exhibitions. My art delves into the interplay of color and shapes to convey emotions and ideas. I fearlessly experiment with various mediums like acrylics and watercolors to express my feelings and aspirations through my paintings.



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