Upper Lake the Return by Linda Walsh-Powder Horn G

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $400.00


Upper Lake the Return by Linda Walsh-Powder Horn Green Art


acrylic on panel

12 x 12 inches


Artist Statement: With hues of blue and black, Upper Lake - the Return depicts a late afternoon scene on Lake Mohawk in New Jersey in early spring as the trees fully leaf and the birds begin to return to the lake for the summer. The shadows of the lake and trees in deep rich hues of blue, green and black highlight the stillness and calm of the lake.

Bio: Linda Walsh of Powder Horn Green Art is a self taught acrylic landscape artist. Her paintings are primarily inspired by the landscapes of the mountain and lake regions of the northeast and the marsh and coastal areas vistas of the southeastern United States. Linda's love of these lush and variable landscapes drives her creative narrative.



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