Grit and Grace 6 by Kelly Silver

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $195.00


Grit and Grace 6 by Kelly Silver


acrylic, recycled plastic, 24k gold

12 x 12 inches


Artist Statement: My Grit and Grace series celebrates the strong spirit. It reflects the strength to face life’s challenges and the beauty and peace found within adversity. I use texture, recycled plastic, and 24K gold in these works to represent challenges and soft-flowing elements to embody grace.Be

Bio: Kelly Silver is a New Jersey artist who works primarily with acrylics and mediums on canvas. She started painting at a young age with an easel and tools received as a Christmas gift. She took a departure from the fine arts to pursue a degree in the culinary arts. She recently returned to painting. Her work has been displayed in juried exhibits, used by interior decorators, featured in Apartment Therapy, and sold in galleries. Her art currently hangs in homes and offices across the US and Canada.



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