Doors That Tell Stories by Manveen Bindra

Type: Art & Sculpture
Price: $325.00


Doors That Tell Stories by Manveen Bindra


oil on canvas

26 x 32 inches


Artist Statement: Sometimes when you open a door, it can tell a million happy and sad stories of the lives lived and love lost!

Bio: Born in Delhi, India and raised in Kuwait. I have called New Jersey my home for the past 20 years. My journey with Art dates back to my school days. I am a self-taught artist. During my late teens and into the 20s I had been under the mentorship of an esteemed Artist Nidhi Bhatla based in New Delhi. I had indulged in oil painting in my late teens. Transitioned to acrylic work in my 30s.Through the years I have experimented with acrylics and pastels. I have participated in a few workshops offered by our local community. Recently I have fallen in love with gouache and watercolor. My love for creating art has taken beyond the canvas sometimes. I have painted doors, walls, murals and canvas blinds! My home adorns most of my paintings from past and present. I have also taught basic art techniques to children from ages 5-15 years of age for about 4 years. We had explored various techniques, mediums and combining mixed media into Art expression. 

This came to a halt during the grim Covid Year. I think we found happiness in the simple things. Things that we had overlooked otherwise because there was so much going on around us. World was moving too fast around us earlier and then we were forced to slow down and find pleasure in everyday simple tasks. Like a lot of my fellow artists around me I looked inside me to find calmness and hope. I had dived into my art; it was my meditative zone. I learned new techniques and methods. Explored the world of art licensing. Since then, I have participated in a few group shows with Arts Council of Princeton, Also participated in a group shows with West Windsor Arts Council, Have had a solo show at the Monroe Township Library recently, Designed a Flyer for Princeton Health Department to encourage vaccinations, Participated in the AAPI Art Exhibit with East Brunswick. Licensed my artworks and collaborated with an Australian based wall paper company. 

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