Day Gazer by Sumi

Type: Art & Sculpture
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Day Gazer by Sumi

oil on stretched canvas
12 x 12 inches

Artist Statement: I am always fascinated by drawing owls and try to reflect their intelligence through my art. While creating this piece I learnt a new fact about owls, that they are as active in daytime as they are in night.

Bio: Traveling the world, finding beauty in details and expressing it through various mediums are my most favorite things to do and that has been one highlight of my career. Growing up in an Indian culture rich in heritage and art combined with a heavy influence of math has helped me create my own style of Art. I Started with drawing portraits for friends as a commission and then slowly moved on to creating my own collection and presenting it in shows Nationally and Internationally. My commissioned works have reached worldwide in India, Norway, Denmark, Canada and USA. Currently, drawing birds and animals is my fascination. I relate a lot to their migratory lifestyle. Their capability of adapting to new places, new homes, new worlds gives me a huge inspiration to my way of living. Expressing that through art liberates me the most.

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