Amigurumi Frida Kahlo by Casey Lucas

Type: Home Decor, Children and Whimsical
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Amigurumi Frida Kahlo by Casey Lucas



Iconic Frida Kahlo. Unique gift for any art lover.

Materials Used: Yarn, Polyfil, Safety Eyes, Paper Flowers

4w x 8h x 4d inches


Artist Statement: Crochet is one of my favorite mediums for artistic expression, where yarn and a hook become the tools through which I craft whimsical characters and imaginative worlds. With each stitch, life is given to these soft sculptures, transforming simple materials into endearing creatures. My work in Amigurumi crochet is a testament to the power of handmade artistry, as each piece has their own unique personality and charm. Through this craft, I seek a sense of wonder, joy, and nostalgia in those who encounter my creations, inviting them to embrace the magic of the handmade and the infinite possibilities of yarn.

Amigurumi is a Japanese crochet or knit technique used to create small, stuffed animals, dolls, and other cute objects, often with a distinct, whimsical style. The word "Amigurumi" is a blend of two Japanese words: "ami" (meaning knitted or crocheted) and "nuigurumi" (meaning stuffed doll). Amigurumi pieces are typically worked in the round and characterized by their adorable, oversized heads and tiny bodies, making them popular among crafters for their charm and versatility in creating soft, decorative items.

Bio: Casey Lucas is a versatile artist with a background in both dance and visual arts. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Art - Ceramics from Kean University. Casey's artistic journey spans various creative mediums, including Amigurumi crochet and ceramics, through which she brings her unique vision to life. After living in New York City for over a decade, she currently resides in the picturesque town of Princeton, New Jersey. Casey shares her life with her husband and two children, drawing inspiration from the town's historic charm. Her work beautifully combines the tactile and visual arts, creating a seamless fusion of movement, texture, and form. Whether through the fluidity of dance or the intricacies of crochet and ceramics, Casey's artistry is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the creative process. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Casey is a recent breast cancer survivor, showcasing incredible resilience and strength throughout her personal journey. She has chosen to use her art as a force for good, dedicating a portion of her sales to support cancer research. Her work not only embodies creativity and passion but also carries a profound message of hope and determination.



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