Poppy Flower by Nancy Tsui

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Poppy Flower by Nancy Tsui

Nancy Tsui Art


Hand painted miniature one of a kind work of art-brooch. Flowers are the smiles of nature. As everybody needs a smile, growing flowers is one of the secret to happiness.

Materials Used: This piece is created with acrylic paint and silver oil pen on paper, sealed with 5 layers of Mod Podge Hard Coat, matte backerboard, upcycled plastic backing, and 1" silver brooch clasp pin with disk base.

2"w x 1-7/8"h inches


Artist Statement: Nancy Tsui, Jeweler and Fine Artist. Nancy expresses her joy and appreciation to nature through her miniature painting-brooches. Her hand painted works are versatile and can be worn on coats, jackets, shirts, scarfs, and cloth bags. Each painting is secured on a layer of upcycled plastic and a 1” metal bar pin. She draws inspiration from the magical hummingbirds, butterflies and honeybees that flock to her flower garden every morning. Nancy strives to leave her audience with a sense of natural wonder through each finished piece.

Nancy Tsui is a New York based fashion designer and artist. After over eight years working as a men's, women's, and children's designer, she now retruns to her first love of painting and jewlery making. Her works of animals, plants and flowers showcase her deep reverence for the natural world, all with a stylistic touch from the fashion industry. She is a firm believer in the balance of Mother Nature and often draws daily inspiration from her flower garden. Nancy holds a BFA in fashion from Parsons School of Design.

Bio: Nancy Tsui attended Parsons School of Design


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