Gray Sari Silk Bracelet by Jeannine Toal

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Gray Sari Silk Bracelet by Jeannine Toal
Jeannine I Dream
Wear this comfortable wrap bracelet dressy or casual and know that you're helping women in India have a better life. Wrap the silk around your wrist & tie wherever it's best for you. If you can tie your shoes, you can tie a sari silk wrap bracelet! Up-cycled sari silk from the dress factories in India coupled with natural gemstones & sterling silver wire. (can also be worn around your neck or ankle)
Materials Used: 50-52" of silk from sari dress factories in India, sterling silver wire wrapped turquoise nugget, gray silk
50-52" of gray silk, turquoise nugget,
(color and size of stones can vary slightly) inches
Artist Statement: A glimpse into my artistic process is a hard one. Sometimes I have to sit with a bunch of materials in front of me for hours before it becomes a piece of jewelry. I work mostly with sterling silver, semi-precious stones, leather, vintage buttons and silk. I use only 100% natural surf tumbled sea glass, handpicked by family, friends or myself. I enjoy wire wrapping, making bezels, and using up-cycled silk from sari dress factories in India to make bracelets. I also take custom orders, repurpose old favorites and broken jewelry. Many of my creations are one of a kind pieces and every piece of jewelry is made with good energy and happiness. (in addition to my website you can also see pictures on Instagram @j9dreamsjewelry and the Facebook page Jeannine I Dream)
What makes you unique (are you using historical techniques, how are your practices sustainable, what motivates you to create - anything interesting we can share)
Bio: The company name is from the song Jeannine was named after, “Jeannine I Dream of Lilac Times”. Jeannine started creating as a little girl when her mom would hand her a box of old costume jewelry and she would find ways to repair or create new pieces. Jeannine was the buyer and store manager of a popular jewelry store at the Jersey Shore for ten years. Working and traveling the world inspired her to realize her passion and begin to create her own jewelry. Jeannine’s artistic designs offer unique pieces that are inspired by her lifelong passion for jewelry, nature, the beach, and living a life you love. Jeannine incorporates high quality materials such as semi-precious stones, leather, silver, vintage buttons, up-cycled silk from Sari dresses, natural sea glass and vintage English bone china. She custom makes and repurposes old favorite and broken jewelry resulting in new one of a kind creations. Each piece is crafted with good energy & happiness.
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