Rabari Women by Richa Gupta

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
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Rabari Women by Richa Gupta
19 x 24 inches
Artist Statement:
In the region of North Gujarat, especially in the region of Kutch one of the most interesting ethnic communities is Rabaris. Once a nomadic people,Rabaris follow an interesting lifestyle and customs. Today, most of the Rabaris are settled,through some still continue to be semi-nomadic,raising cattle, camels and goats in the arid deserts of Kutch and Western India.Those settled live in small hamlets either in villages or in small towns,sometimes jointly with other ethnic communities and sometimes as a single ethnic unit. Rabaris can be easily identified by looking at their women folk,who are usually clad with long black head scrapes, distinctive heavy brass earrings which hang low,stretching the earlobes.They tattoo magical symbols on their necks, breasts and arms.Their jewelry is modest in comparison to other tribal women.
Bio: Richa Gupta is a self-taught artist working with graphite who is based in New Jersey. She was born and raised in India before moving to the USA. Her formative years were spent in a rural village and the influence of her upbringing is shown in the graphite sketches she creates today.
In middle school, Richa began to make portraits for her teachers using watercolors which she was praised for. In high school, her science teacher believed she was cheating when she showed her the bone chart, she made due to how highly detailed it was. Richa was an average student, but her art skills showed through.
She graduated in 2000 and moved to New Jersey in 2006. She began oil paintings in 2010 when she went on a short vacation to India. When she moved back to India fully in 2011, she barely had any time to paint. She moved back to America again residing in Orlando, Florida where she did a job in customer service. She eventually settled into her present home in New Jersey with her husband, Vishal Gupta, and son, Manas Gupta.
During the pandemic, she explored Indian folk art and began practicing more complex graphite sketches in detail and depth.
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