Expulsion. by Mike Gyampo

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $13,950.00


Expulsion. by Mike Gyampo
24 x 12 x 14 inches
Artist Statement: This sculpture records cases around the world, where people of the less privileged are systematically kicked out of the major cities into the ghettos to commute on daily basis to provide services to build the economy.
Bio: Born and educated in Ghana West Africa. Obtained BA with honors in sculpture from University of science and technology Kumari Ghana. and MA' part one in African Studies, Musicology, and Traditional African Religion from institute of African Studies Legon Ghana.. Mike worked at national. museum in Ghana and at the national arts council Accra Ghana, then as a set designer for the national TV station before leaving to USA to study at the Johnson Atelier in 1983. A former staff member at the Atelier. Currently a freelance artist. Mike has participated in over 150 Exhibitions, including several solo shows across the east coast.
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