Amulet #4 by Audrey Jakab

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
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Amulet #4 by Audrey Jakab
balsa wood, paint, wire, twigs
3 x 7.75 inches
Artist Statement: Amulet #4
I became sick during Covid with an uncommon illness. During my recovery, I started creating
small balsa wood* figures, many of which I think of as amulets. I craved a sense of protection and I needed the power of making something with my hands to get back to better health.
In the figure’s chest is a representation of what is sound and whole. There is only one tree as
there is only one Earth. Outside, on the body’s surface is the scorched ground, stumps of trees and bareness. I think of my friend’s remark, “How can we coexist with our environment instead of depleting it?”
*According to my research, Ochroma Pyramidale (balsa) is quick growing and is predominantly considered a renewable resource if grown on plantations. Non-plantation sourced balsa can contribute to deforestation.
Bio: Audrey Jakab
After graduating with a BFA from The Philadelphia College of Art, Jakab went on to earn her master’s degree in Sculpture at Yale University in 1989. Working in both collage and mixed media, she’s enjoyed exhibiting her work on and off through the years. Audrey and her husband, Alejandro Berlin, had an exhibition of their assemblages at the Resource Exchange in Philadelphia in 2018 and the following year she had a solo exhibition of her paper collages at the Metropolitan Gallery, also in Philadelphia. Jakab lives and works in West Windsor, New Jersey.
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