Old Growth Forest by Abigail Ella Johnson

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $190.00


Old Growth Forest by Abigail Ella Johnson
mixed media (mica, acrylic paint, ink, gel medium)
10 x 10 inches
Artist Statement: This piece was created using a diverse array of materials, built up in deposited (and then carved) layers over a period of several weeks. Mica was flaked and applied in layers to the canvas, and each layer was dyed a different color. I then carved the shape of the trees out of the ink/mica layers, and then painted the rest of the branches and background. This work is a part of a larger in-progress series exploring the notion of forests as communities. This particular piece was inspired by old growth forests, some of the most biologically diverse and ecologically important ecosystems on planet earth.
Bio: I am an artist, writer, and editor based in Princeton, New Jersey. Having grown up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I've developed a profound appreciation for and interest in the natural world—a passion that now permeates both my art and my career as an editor at a university press. My work spans many mediums, from visual art to poetry. I'm driven by a deep desire to understand humanity's ever-evolving place in nature, and how it shapes our experiences. As a result, I explore various contexts, investigating natural phenomena from personal, historical, scientific, social, and cultural perspectives. My work constantly seeks to bridge gaps, blurring the lines between the disciplines, the personal and the objective, the natural and the artificial.
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