Leave Any Racism and Hate at the School Door by Ru

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
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Leave Any Racism and Hate at the School Door by Rusty Leffel
digital word graphic
11 x 11 inches
Artist Statement: How do we get beyond the slurs and name calling and racism and hate in our local high school's hallways? Somehow we have to create a safe environment for learning and experiencing each other. School policies against harassment alone won't do it. The school community of students, teachers and staff have to collectively leave racism and hate behind when they come into the school and then collectively learn and understand to all say no to racism and hate. This graphic is a December 2023 proposed door sign sent to the school principal and district superintendent requesting they do more than just policy to stop racism and hate.
Bio: I am an artist activist through my street photography reflecting our day to day lives involved in the world around us and demonstrating and protesting for that world to be better, more fair, just and equitable for all.
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