Dark Matters by Nancy Lewis Shell

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $1,000.00


Dark Matters by Nancy Lewis Shell
acrylic multimedia
18 x 24 inches
Artist Statement: Ninety -nine percent of the universe is made up of dark matter. That is where things are conceived before they manifest in the lighted plane.. Dark Matter is about the universal mother and children of the earth and what kind of world are we manifesting them in . Is it a beautiful abundant safe world filled with love or a world of horror war , lack, and strife hatred and racism
Bio: Nancy Lewis Shell is a senior, minority, disabled and emerging artist. Her work centers on the themes of women, history and freedom. She is also an arts educator who has created and led several successful community-based art projects. Her work has attracted favorable notice and support from the Leeway Foundation, the Barnes Foundation, as well as media and community organizations. She has won both the Transformation and Art and Change Award from Leeway Foundation
Nancy likes to work across mediums::drawing, painting, quilting and photography. She wants to capture the essence of things, capturing their inner light and soul. While technical accuracy to her is important to her but capturing that light in the soul of a thing is more important. Her painting style has been evolving to include classical bearing as well as embedding multi-media forms in her work. Presently, she is exploring the themes luminosity in the painting of urban portraiture. She is drawn to such art forms such as the illuminated pages in biblical texts painting and quilting Her art depicts interested in the themes of women, history ,science, nature and the stories of justice of the under-served and unheard. Her work depicts inner city women and women of color as heroes and protectors. Nancy has suffered poverty, physical and sexual abuse which also appears as themes in her work. Her art work is drawn from, her personal experiences, histories of strong women and from the Greek and African myths. The themes of: love, history, science, DNA, justice and freedom pervade her work. Ms. Shell is also drawn to portray stories from the unseen and unheard populations in her work.
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