Our Lady of the Underpaid by Marge Miccio

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $750.00


Shrine to Our Lady of the Underpaid by Marge Miccio
mixed media assemblage
12 x 10 x 4 inches
Artist Statement: This piece is made of two frames hinged and latched together, so it can be opened to add things over time if desired. The tiny tools and implements in and on the shrine refer to milagros, religious folk charms denoting need or gratitude.
1979-80 Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Princeton, NJ. Studied sculpture.
1978 BFA The Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore MD. Majored in painting.
1975 The Italian University for Foreigners, Perugia Italy. Studied studio art, art history and Italian.
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