Cadavers Who Were Still Alive by T. Owens Union

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Cadavers Who Were Still Alive by T. Owens Union
digital collage
25 x 20 inches
Artist Statement: An homage to the Black men in Macon County, Alabama who were unknowingly part of the ‘Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro male (1932 – 1972)’. The study was conducted without informed consent or appropriate treatment even after penicillin was determined to be the treatment of choice in the mid-1940s. The primary objective of the study then became an evaluation of the long-term effects of syphilis “uninfluenced by treatment,” or essentially an exercise in human experimentation ending with death.
Bio: T. Owens Union is a career scientist and artist living and working near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In 2015 she obtained an AAS degree in Fashion Marketing from Parsons School of Design (The New School). At Parsons she was strongly drawn to the visual art-oriented courses including fashion design (illustration), drawing, color theory, graphic design, computer assisted design (CAD), and digital layout. Inspired by Parsons, she ‘officially’ began to create visual art, and by 2020 to submit artwork to galleries with an encouraging degree of success. In addition to the constant inspiration of the ancestors, her art has been molded by the pandemic and the political and cultural crises affecting minority communities worldwide. A primary inspiration as an artist is Romare Bearden.
 Digital collages are created by collecting and/or photographing vintage and antique materials (antique dolls, African sculptures, textiles, photographs, found objects) which are digitally manipulated into storytelling composites.
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