Dreaming by Sheri Roseman

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $175.00


Dreaming by Sheri Roseman
acrylic paint
12 x 9 inches
Artist Statement: As the soft light bathed the model, the young lady drifted off to sleep. As the fragility of the world has unfolded, I imagined the model dreaming of a better world where all people come together in a united purpose of harmony and equality.
Bio: Sheri Roseman, a South Jersey based artist and Art Therapist, began painting as a young girl. She never stopped creating. In her childhood, she was fortunate to have been taught by the late Freida Reiter, a well-known courtroom artist whose portraits were seen on the news all over the world. This early influence ignited her love and fascination with the portrait and figure. For Sheri, art is not really a choice-it is a way of life-as natural as living and breathing! She has exhibited in solo, dyad and juried shows throughout South Jersey and the surrounding area, as well as in galleries in New Jersey and Maryland.
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