Warli Village by SEJCREATION'S

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $650.00


Warli Village by SEJCREATION'S
acrylic paints on natural wood
10 x 16 inches
Artist Statement: This painting was specially done on a natural wood with the famous art form called 'Warli' which originates from state of Maharashtra in India. This art depicts the day to day life in a village setting where people used to be kind, together, Happy without any modernized equipment. There was no substitute to hard work, yet they were happy and healthy, thus supporting the sentiment of a beloved community.
Bio: Painting to me is food for soul, I am an eclectic person who likes to use all the tools that art world has to offer, that makes my art more versatile as each piece has its own personality just like every individual is different in this world. I take inspiration from, nature, people, and the fine works from current and past renowned artists. I love painting nature, create mixed media creations, pour art, and I also dive a bit into creating sculptures. Impasto technique is my personal favorite as it gives opportunities to create dimensions, with a palette knife. I love to create and live to create!!
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