A Boy and His Rooster by Martin Schwartz

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A Boy and His Rooster by Martin Schwartz
archival inkjet print
14 x 10 inches
Artist Statement: As I stepped off the bus at a rest stop somewhere in Cuba this young boy sat with his rooster between his legs. Fortunately my camera was set up to shoot and I snapped this photo, recognizing this was a universal moment of a boy and his pet.In this country it might have been a boy or girl with their dog or cat, but still a human moment. I gave this photo a painterly effect using Photoshop and several other software programs. I do this routinely with my photos to extend my creativity beyond snapping the shutter and look at this process as a challenge to my imagination. [ I think it keeps my 87 year old brain stimulated ]
Bio: I became interested in photography over sixty years ago when stationed as a 2nd Lt. in Korea and it has been an avocation for me ever since. I have lived in NJ for my whole life and in the Windsor's for over fifty years and practiced dentistry in East Windsor for 38 of those years. I am self taught but have taken numerous courses at Maine Media and Santa Fe Photography Workshops.along with numerous photo safaris with well known photographers. I have been using Photoshop for over twenty years and use that for enhancing my images. I now live in East Windsor with my wife of 63 years, Nancy. and both my sons and their families live in Robbinsville.
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