Autumn 2023 by Alice Sims-Gunzenhauser

Type: 2024 Manifesting Beloved Community
Price: $1,000.00


Autumn 2023 by Alice Sims-Gunzenhauser
19.5 x 26 inches
Artist Statement: The paper on which I made this print--with the bands of gray marks--has been in my studio for years, waiting to be used. (The marks are from cleaning brayers.) In part, I didn't use it because the marks felt aggressive, even explosive to me. As I'm sure is obvious, the immediate spur to make with was the horrific events in Israel and Gaza.
Bio: I grew up on Long Island. As a child, my ballet teacher’s emphasis on the lines of the dancer’s body fascinated me. When I realized at 13 that dance was not going to be my home, I transferred my passion to art. I decided to let the drawn lines create movement for me and it was years before I could draw any other way. Line and drawing—in a very broad sense--remain integral to my work, regardless of medium. These days, my work is largely about combining elements that would not often be seen as going together, which is how I make sense of the frequently chaotic world we live in.
I graduated from Grinnell College, in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1974 with a major in art and a love of landscape. After a year working in a paint store in New York, I received a Fulbright grant to study twentieth-century German artists/poets in Munich. Back in New York, I became a graduate student at Hunter College, CUNY, studying most notably with Ralph Humphrey and Rosalind Krauss. After receiving my MA, I became an editor and, a few years later, a test developer at Educational Testing Service, where I worked for several decades, primarily with art assessment and relatively unconventional assessments. I live with my husband in Ewing, NJ.
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