Oh, Hay There by Yvonne Rondinone

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Oh, Hay There by Yvonne Rondinone
Artist Statement: The Scenic Byway is where you'll see the rustic rows of fencing, hay bales all about and gentle beauties grazing in sun-drenched fields. The air is crisp and the cowbirds hover overhead- perusing the pasture. The only sound in the distance is the hum of the tractor and the musical mare's neigh. "Oh, Hay There" captures the spirit of a four-legged friend taking in the serene surroundings and helping herself to a bit of a snack. Horse country is where you'll find me when I'm not playing with a nature-inspired palette of acrylics. Discover more art by Yvonne Rondinone at www.seagingershop.com or visit her mercantile Sea Ginger in Historic Allentown, NJ.
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