My View(s) by Mahathi Kumar, youth age 13

Type: 2024 GR8 Works
Price: $88.00


My View(s) by Mahathi Kumar youth age 13
Acrylic paints
Artist Statement: "My View(s)," represents the different ways I often look at life. Especially as a teenager growing up in today's society, I tend to always see things in different ways. Sometimes I look up; I look up to my role models, my parents, and the path I need to take. Sometimes I look up to my challenges from under, and cower down. Sometimes I look to the side; I look sideways at people, I judge, and I criticize. Sometimes I look to the side, at a friend standing next to me, asking for reassurance. And sometimes I look straight. I look head on. I look at the path I need to take, my goals, my challenges, and my future. When looking straight I might not always see a straight path. There will be times for looking up and around. But today, I hope I look straight, work hard, and conquer my challenges.
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