Love Bird Valentine (3) by Heirloom Cards by Tamer

Type: Journals, Matted Art & Note Cards
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Love Bird Valentine (3) by Heirloom Cards by Tamerra, Tamerra Moeller
Bird made from pink and white Washi paper against a background of red and pink hearts, with "LOVE" embedded into one of the hearts.
Materials used: Japanese Washi paper and cardstock, Cardstock and Washi paper
6.8" x 5" inches

Artist Statement: I make iris-folded cards for all occasions. Iris folding resembles the opening of the eye's iris or the eye of a camera. Washi (Japanese paper produced in cold, running water) composes each figure. The resulting paperwork is delicate and intricate. The background cardstock is acid free, lignin free and chlorine free. Since the washi paper is not acid free, an archival spray preserves the beautiful colors and protects against fading, discoloration, dirt and moisture. Each iris-folded card can be a gift in itself or serve to enhance a thoughtful present.

Artist Bio: 2013 Iris-folded mobile, Sun and Sea, shown at juried show in the “Ellarslie Open 31” Ellarslie Museum, Trenton, NJ
2014-2016 Iris-folded cards sold at West Windsor High School Craft Fair
2017-2019 Framed iris-folded birds sold at Art Jam, sponsored by HomeFront
2017-2019 Iris-folded cards sold at juried artisan craft fair, “Sauce for the Goose” sponsored by Arts Council of Princeton
2018-present Iris-folded cards sold at juried artisan holiday craft fair sponsored by West Windsor Arts Council
2019 Received the Audubon Reserve Award for framed Iris-Folded Scenes shown at Wild New Jersey, a juried show sponsored by New Jersey Audubon Goldfinch in Dogwood Blossoms, Carolina Finch Amidst Young Sweet Pepperbush and Shedding American Sycamore
2019-present Iris-fold bird cards sold at Cha-ya, Japanese Tea and Things 118 Webster Street, Monterey, CA 93940

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