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Zinnias in a Blue Vase by Michael F. Graham

Type: Art
Price: $1,500.00


Zinnias in a Blue Vase by Michael F. Graham
oil on wood panel
15 x 20 inches
Frame: Framed

Artist Statement: “Growing the flowers was the first step. My approach to this painting was to observe shapes and the spaces between them first, and then the colors. The contrast between the smoothness of the vase and the softness of the zinnias could thus be captured.”

Artist Bio: Michael strove to capture the visual world on canvas throughout the many phases of his life; from his time in military service, through his formal training at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and during his current work as a dance teacher. Under his brush, there is little difference between depicting a flower, a landscape, or a dancer - each is a combination of lines, shapes, and colors. The point is to focus the viewer's eye on what is in the light.

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