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Teen Crush by Joy Kreves

Type: Art
Price: $750.00


Teen Crush by Joy Kreves
salt crystals, resin, acrylic, dye, with possibly tear-soaked vintage handkerchief on panel.
16 x 12 inches
Frame: Finished edges on panel, with fabric, unframed.

Artist Statement: “This is an experiment in growing and preserving home-grown salt crystals, then contrasting their hard brilliance with the heart soothing touch of a tear-soaked vintage handkerchief. It is an offer for the viewer to ponder such a relationship and to recall love and despair.”

Artist Bio: Joy has spent her life pursuing the transcendent sublime while getting sidetracked by fascinating idiosyncrasies. This has led her into sculpture, painting, crochet, ceramics, salt crystals, forest debris and trash. It led her from life in Illinois to New York City, then to central New Jersey, where she has an ideal home studio, a perfect dog, an artist daughter, and at least as much time in the day as everyone else.

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